Sales Scripting Mastery

by Eric Lofholm

Sales Script Mastery

In this sequel to his best-seller The System, master sales trainer Eric Lofholm lays out the seven-step sales scripting method he has used to help his clients generate over $500 million in revenue over the last two decades. Eric begins by showing you how to get over some of the common fears associated with sales scripting, such as fear of sounding rehearsed and scriptwriter’s block. He then walks you step-by-step through the sales scripting process, revealing secrets such as how to script an effective close and how to script responses to sales objections.

He follows up with tips on how to get your scripts written faster and how to rehearse and deliver them effectively so they sound spontaneous. Eric includes hundreds of sample scripts for every sales situation that you can use as templates to create your own custom scripts. For salesmen, sales trainers, and small business owners looking for an edge in today’s struggling economy, this book is a must-read.

Reads like a Symphony

Before I read Eric’s carefully-crafted, effective book, I thought of a Dave Berg cartoon from Mad magazine, in which a boy invites a girl on a date over the phone, reading his script – and she answers from her own written script!

Eric is so generous with examples and models – the last third of the book is all extra attached enrichment material.
And the book itself is put together like a symphony, with each part in its place, but lots of coming back to the same themes, like a patient mentor who will give readers the exposure we need – though he recommends we read it at least seven times to get it under our belts!

Like Plato writing the teachings of Socrates, or Ouspensky with Gurdjieff, or Rumi with Shams, Eric gives us Dr. Moines’ teachings, organized so we can assimilate them.
Worth reading, really worth applying – is there anyone who is never a salesperson, ever? I think we can all use some scripting!

Excellent book for anyone who wants a consistent result in selling

Eric lays out an excellent framework to follow and build a purposeful, effective sales presentation. All areas of sales are covered from initial contact, to closing and objection handling. As someone who had read in excess of 200 sales books, this is a must for any serious salesperson’s library, irrespective of how long you have been selling. Don’t hesitate or overthink it, just buy it.

For effective sales results, read this book!

This book gives specific steps to improve the area that will improve sales results the fastest. Scripting has been proven to improve confidence and preparation in dealing with the sales process. Eric’s expertise comes from feet on the ground actions that have resulted in his being one of the foremost sales influencer today.


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