Our consultants are trained experts in LinkedIn  Marketing and/or Content Syndication. They each have their own unique background and skill sets that allow us to provide you with training, support and done-for-you services all around the world.

adrian van iersel

Adrian is a fan of LinkedIn and loves to create opportunities for our clients by using the combination of the power of LinkedIn, Content Syndication to connect to (new) contact and build lasting relationships.

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chaima prins

Chaima Prins is project manager and LinkedIn Campagne Specialist.

She works with companies in different markets and has a great eye for detail.

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susan williams

Susan Williams is project manager for the English and German markets.
Susan is a talented specialist who knows how to tweak our campaigns to create the right tone.

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machteld janssens

With a background in consulting, Machteld Janssens dives with ease into every company in every industry. She manages our LinkedIn Advertising campaigns.


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richard van teteringen

Richard or Mr. T as we call him is the Director of our Content Syndication Campaigns.

Richard is also training our VA’s and constantly improving our strategies. 

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shreejana keena

Shreejana is project manager for the English markets. Shreejana knows LinkedIn inside out.



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