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Sales and marketing have changed dramatically over the past 15 years with the advent of new technology and an evolution in how we advertise our products and services.

With that change comes opportunity, but also comes frustration and overwhelm. And with that change comes the opportunity to build a more effective business.

But, many of the clients and students we train and work with are frustrated and overwhelmed. What worked in the past still works today. Building a real rapport with prospects and showing that you care about them is critical to getting them to like and value your company.

Since many B2B transactions have longer sales cycles and/or involve multiple decision-makers, you must pay close attention to the details of what you say in your outbound marketing efforts to ensure that you don’t say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Our role in empowering our clients and students is to help them build those relationships by removing the technology barriers that stop them from doing what is right. We will be your full support team so you can spend your time doing the things that will bring you the highest return on investment.

We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals turn cold leads into warm prospects and more clients using LinkedIn. All this by following our simple 3 step formula for success:

1. Clarify – 2. Connect – 3. Convert.

Our lead-generation-process knows 3 steps:




Your success in prospecting on LinkedIn begins with determining your perfect target prospect.

Being laser-focused, even if your organization can serve the majority of people … almost everywhere … is important to the success of using LinkedIn to prospect. We help our customers choose one niche while advising them that there’s a huge distinction between restricting what you do as well as limiting what you say. Knowing that 90% of the purchaser’s journey may be complete before your potential customers even call you, and due to the restricted attention spans of individuals as a whole, it is very important that you plainly describe that you serve, what you do, and how they can discover more regarding the products/services you offer.

The power of LinkedIn is amplified by growing your ideal 1st-degree network.

So that you can leverage the full power of LinkedIn, it is important that you consistently build a 1st-degree network with targeted prospects. By doing that, you are creating a list of prospects that you are able to message and add value to those prospects by providing them with valuable content. We help clients reach out to their ideal prospects and connect them. We then create a specialized messaging strategy to connect with buyers who are already qualified to become Marketing Qualified Leads. 74% of prospects choose the company that helped them first when they began their buying journey. So, our goal is to connect you with potential buyers using an outbound strategy that does not require any ad spending.

Constantly looking on value to turn ‘marketing qualified leads’  into ‘sales qualified leads’.

If you sell B2B products or services, your sales cycle could be weeks or months. It may involve several different decision-makers. What works in real life works online as well. We work with our clients to build authentic relationships with their networks and convert them into an email list or onto a discovery call using the only 2 funnels that B2B companies need to scale – an Authority Funnel and an Appointment Funnel. What makes us successful is how we collect data (replies) from our clients and strategically tailor messaging that is authentic and focused on solving the challenges of their target audience. Our secret sauce is our ability to quickly and efficiently scale these outbound messaging efforts. 

Let us fill your sales pipeline with qualified prospects!

We have a number of different programs that we tailor to your needs and budget”

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Still doubts if LinkedIn will be working for your business?


90% of decision makers never answer cold calls


75% of the buyers don't feel that sales people understand their business


50% of deals are lost when you are not the first vendor in


20% of the decision makers change roles every year

Our tested step-by-step proven LinkedIn lead generation process overcomes every one of these sales difficulties by regularly putting your product/service before your target market, proactively growing your targeted prospect network, and positioning you as a trusted expert that can address business issues of your suitable target prospect.

This is what we will discuss during our appointment:


Discuss your current offer, your pricing, revenue model, and margins.


Discuss your current marketing strategy and the available resources for it.


Discuss your desired results and KPIs.
( Key Performance Indicators.)


Discuss your ideal target audience, using LinkedIn Advanced Search.


Discuss your sales process and what it takes to make you win!


Discuss how our proven approach to demand generation can bring results for you.

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Let’s discuss your business, your goals and what you need to get there. During this conversation we can determine which approach can produce results for your business.

Use the calendar below to book your Synergy Call. After choosing your date/time, you will be forwarded to a short questionnaire where we would like to learn more about your current situation, marketing assets, revenue goals, target audience, and sales process. We look forward to talking to you soon!


Q. Can you send 'customized responses' to my prospects on my behalf?

A. The standard and Gold packages are sending multiple messages and replies are taken care of by the client. …. with the LinkedIn Lead Generation Diamond package, an account coordinator will reply on your behalf to LinkedIn messages that can be replied to in a relatively harmless manner. (eg Thanks or No problem!). We will adapt the remaining answers in your future scripts to what they have said and move them to your call-to-action script. With the LinkedIn Lead Generation Diamond package, your account coordinator sends custom scripts on your behalf to all the prospects who connect with you. Ask us for pricing for the Diamond package

Q. Do I still have to log into my LinkedIn daily to reply to all messages and requests?

A. Yes and No. Your responsibilities depend on which LinkedIn Accelerator package you choose and range from responding to everyone who responds in any form, to responding only to qualified prospects interested in your product or service.

Q. Can you set up and populate a CRM for me?

A. Ja dat kan … het pakket Sales180 omvat de installatie en het beheer van een PipeDrive CRM-account. Al de potentiële klanten van jouw LinkedIn leadgeneratie campagne worden binnen deze CRM ingevoerd en genurtured. Het PipeDrive CRM-account is eigendom van jou.

Q. What will the payment schedule look like if I choose to run more campaigns?

A. You pay always 1 month op front and then every month at the start of a new batch of your LinkedIn lead generation campaign.

Q. What kind of results can I expect?

A. Our goal is to help you get new customers for your business. Our secondary goal… is to help you find new customers for your business! How we achieve that goal varies from customer to customer. On average, we add 300 new prospects to your network per LinkedIn lead generation campaign. How many of these prospects convert depends on your company, the length of time we work with you to stay top-of-mind and how many channels we can reach them on.

Q. How can I start my first LinkedIn lead generation campaign?

A. Make an appointment here to plan your first online meeting, in which we clarify your goals and start finding your target audience, your target group on LinkedIn!

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