Lead Scoring, How to pick the ripe apples?

Lead Scoring, How to pick the ripe appels?

Every marketer can use some essential lead scoring tips. With a score you keep track of what your lead is worth and whether it is necessary to use a different marketing strategy. Leads are important because they are the first step in approaching prospects who will hopefully become customers afterwards. In this blog we therefore look at some actions and tips that ensure that you get the most out of your leads.

Use negative scores in your lead assessment

One of the drawbacks of a Lead scoring model is that the scores inflate over time. Companies benefit from introducing a score reduction model. This can help make the scoring system more reliable by adding certain criteria. Negative scores can also be used to track leads that have been inactive for a period of time. Use different scoring models for the products and services you offer.
If your company has several product lines, it may be worth setting up a separate scoring model for each product line. This allows you to further define the scores and ensure that they accurately reflect the interests of a lead or prospect.

Entering a scoring threshold

With a marketing automation tool you can enter a threshold for your scores. If you’ve set a threshold, leads will only be assigned when they’ve reached a qualifying threshold agreed with your sales team. This makes it easy for sales to choose the most qualified leads. It also takes the guesswork out of the marketing team who sometimes have to guess whether a lead is worth it or not.

Keep score of special web pages and promotions

When it comes to lead scoring, not all activities you perform are created equal. Certain pages on your site have more value than others. Therefore, assign higher point values ​​to pages that are important. At a glance you can see which leads are on which pages and what you can do to attract them to other pages.


Be careful about tracking emails

Opening emails and newsletters can be tracked with lead scoring. However, beware. While an email opened indicates some level of engagement, it’s not the most reliable measure. It can often unnecessarily lead to high lead scores despite the lack of a purchase. With a marketing automation tool like Pardot, you can choose to only award points for specific actions so you don’t end up with inflated lead scores.

More tips on how to handle Lead Scoring?
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LinLeads gives your sales team a head start

LinkedIn gives your sales team a head start when it comes to meeting new customers. Lead Scoring will give you and your marketing team some really important opportunities to work with your competitors that still work with old information. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you understand your customers’ pain points and provide them with the right solutions to their challenges. It may seem like a waste of money to spend money on marketing items like buying company logos or buying calendars and hiring people to manage that data — but it really is time to now consider adding LinkedIn to your sales and marketing strategy.

You have all the information you need, but now is the time to take action. Make an appointment to talk about how I can help you and your team be equipped with this great tool as efficiently as possible and give them a competitive edge.

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