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The power of a dedicated marketing approach at affordable costs avoiding expensive advertising.

We show you a combination of different strategies. You could combine a pro-active outreach with LinkedIn Lead Generation or with email marketing. 

Or increase your online presence and ranking dramatically with a content syndication campaign.

We build it for you, execute it for you and we can also train & coach you on how to do it yourself.

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Email marketing

Prospect List Building

A/B tested copywriting

Personalized outreach

Data Driven Strategies

Email? Does email marketing still work?  You bet!

Email marketing continues to deliver a high ROI compared to traditional marketing because the cost of emails is pennies compared to PPC, SMM, direct mailers, and other marketing channels.

You can send emails to your list, to semi-warm like your LinkedIn contacts or send them to cold contacts and turn some of them into new clients for your business.

We offer done-for-you solutions or we can build a cold email marketing system just for you and teach you how to run your email campaigns.

linkedin outreach marketing

Step 1:

Build specific lists of your ideal prospects on LinkedIn. Find profile, phone & email.

Step 2:

Write proven outreach sequences and optimize replies.

Step 3:
Scale outreach with the chosen medium to targeted prospects every month.

Step 4:

The client responds to all qualified leads.

Build your network with ideal prospects on LinkedIn

We are a full service lead generation agency with a focus on lead generation both inbound and outbound. We work with a lot of clients with a multichannel approach. We lead clients with good leads and train them to use powerful marketing tools. We help leaders grow their businesses.

Youll save money and get better results by letting us help you find new customers and build relationships. You shouldn’t let your friends waste time doing things that they’re not good at. have us as your outsourced marketing team.

Content Syndication aiming for a page one ranking

Sometimes it is hard or even impossible to find your target prospect. In that case, it would be a good idea to let them find you. Re-using your content or content syndication could be the solution.

LinLeads makes it easy to do syndication. We can host content strategically on more than 1200 websites. We can also set up a powerful personal network just for your business that will bring your keyword to the top for many years to come.

Attract hunderds of qualified leads

Once your campaign is running, you can expect dozens or even more qualified leads per month, all generated for you by our marketing experts

Become an master in online selling

We don’t stop at generating leads. We will guide you and teach all our best practices on closing deals online.

International marketing team

Our multi-lingual international marketing team is committed to your success. We will support you with updates, strategy calls, and ongoing campaign improvements.

Een LinkedIn Marketingstrategie Door Experts

Terwijl sociale media-platforms zoals Instagram leuk zijn om mee te spelen, moet LinkedIn worden gezien als professioneel netwerk voor experts en bron van professionele content.

Dit is de plek waar bedrijfseigenaren, ondernemers, solopreneurs, leidinggevenden en besluitvormers (naar schatting 45 miljoen van hen) hun vrije tijd doorbrengen – en ze zijn op zoek naar content die hen helpt hun manier van werken te verbeteren.

Wanneer je je realiseerd dat de LinkedIn-feed 9 miljard vertoningen per week laat zien, is het tijd om je marketingstrategie daarop aan te passen.

Laten we het spel spelen van de grote jongens! LinLeads kan jouw LinkedIn-advertenties maximaliseren om die belangrijke B2B-klanten te veroveren!


Determine your focus keywords to structure the Content Syndication campaigns

Focus Pages:

Building focus pages on your website


Re-write Content
Rewrite relevant content together with fresh images and videos when available.


Publish in our network of media

Tailer made marketing program

Let us build your marketing machine


Q. How can I make sure that my clients are reading my email?

A. People respond to emails that they recognize and those that sound relevant. So, the first thing you should do is to understand what your customer is expecting from you and what matters to them most.

Whenever you shoot an email, ask yourself, “Does the email content, especially the subject line, matter to my customer?”

Customers instantly connect with emails that are personal and which include a call to action that is relevant. If you send them emails as if they are urgent, they will read them and respond to them as well.

Focus on the value you provide to customers and the services that you offer.

Q. Will my sales increase because of an email marketing campaign?

A. Email campaigns can help you convert people to your products or services by encouraging them to spend their money on your brand.

When would you buy a product? When would you decide to buy it?

If you believe your product/service will help solve an existing or a potential problem. When you have complete trust in a brand and when you can rationally believe what the advertising company is trying to tell you.

Well, that means that you have already had your answer to your question.

Also, try to convince the audience that your product/service will help them find a solution to their problems and bring value to their lives.

Share real people stories and case studies to inspire customers to trust you.

If the email contains inspiring content and compelling pictures, it will inspire the customer to buy your product.

Q. Any tips on how to write an email that will be appreciated?

A.  Anything that offers a benefit to the customers, for example, a discount or a sale, will create an instant response. But, emails are not only used to inform customers about special offers and discounts. They are used to create a conversation with the customer.

Each brand has a journey that it needs to travel with each customer so that he/she can come to the end of the sales funnel and ultimately make a purchase.

By engaging with people through emails, you can create trust and talk to them about the sale. If you directly talk about the sale and how it will affect them, it might generate a positive response once or twice, but to convert that customer into a loyal one, you need to go through this journey.

Q. How do I get more subscribers to my email list? Do I need to buy a list of email subscribers or do I need to build one myself?

A.  It is strictly forbidden to buy email lists! Don’t go that way. These email ids are not verified, and most of them are not interested in your business. Email marketing campaigns are useless if subscribers do not open the emails that you send them. If subscribers aren’t engaged with your emails or interested, email marketing efforts are meaningless. Also, your account will be flagged, and your email will be considered spam. 

There are various ways in which you can build your list of opt-in subscribers. Request email ids from customers who visit your website, and in return, provide them with an e-book or a whitepaper.

Pop-up windows that ask customers to share their email ids will help you build a mailing list. If you have a blog, you can have a section on the sidebar of your website asking for visitors to sign in and share their email ids. Ask them permission to send emails to them and also share with them some other helpful information.

Another way is to build your list on social media like LinkedIn or Instagram and get emails there. Let us know if you need help doing that.

Q. What are the best subject lines for marketing emails?

A. Subject lines should be so striking that people will immediately open the email. They will be prompted to act upon clicking on the subject line. It’s the first thing that your subscribers notice. It is the first thing that your prospects see. It’s an invitation to people to talk to you.

So, make sure it’s personal, brief, and has a message that matters to the people who are opening it. You only have three or four seconds to make a big impression on someone who opens your email. You may want to ask them questions to make them more likely to open your email.

You can ask people questions in the subject line or by stating a deadline.

Q. How often should I send out an email? What is the best frequency of sending emails?

A. Sending an email once a month builds a connection and builds trust by showing that you are trustworthy. Once a month or twice a month helps to create a relationship with your customers and creates a rapport with them, and doesn’t cause them to feel uneasy. But, if you send emails four times a month, it shows that you are consistent.

When sending an offer to someone, you can send two emails to them to remind them about the offer. Then send the third email as a final reminder. Sending more than three emails to mention the offer to subscribers may cause them to lose interest. They will mark you as spam. In the desperate attempt to get a customer to buy something, you’ve lost the sale.

Email frequency varies from industry to industry, so keep testing to find out what works for you and your business.

Q. What is a good email open rate?

A. Email open rate is the percentage of people who actually opened the emails you sent them. If someone doesn’t open your email, there are zero chances that they will interact with your content or brand.

On average, 10-15% of emails open well for senders. But, it depends on the industry and the people you aim to reach.

Open rates aren’t indicative of the success of your email marketing campaign, but what people do after they open your email is really important. 

Q. What is the secret of designing an attractive email?

A. Use catchy images, call-to-action links, and animated gifs to catch people’s attention. Use only one font type and don’t use too many font colors and sizes. Let the spacing between each paragraph be enough. This ensures that readers can easily read what you are writing. It’s great to use bold colors in emails, depending on the message you are trying to convey.

Do not forget to make your responsive email templates work well on all devices.

Designing an attractive email requires paying attention to minute details and using your mind to think creatively. It depends on the type of content and the message that you are trying to convey.

Q. How do I analyze the results of an email campaign?

A. You might be curious to know how your email campaign performed. Track these few things to know how your email campaign performed.

Click Through Rate
This shows how many people clicked on links in your email. It is the percentage of recipients who clicked on the links in your email. The number of people who read your email and complete the required action.

Click through rate measures the percentage of recipients who actually clicked on the links in your emails. This is very important because it gives you a better insight into how your email campaign is performing. It is as simple as dividing the number of times that a person clicks on the link in an email by the number of emails that you sent them. Then multiply by 100 the number of times that person clicked on that link. This shows you how well your email campaign performed.

Conversion rate –
Conversion rate is the percentage of people who open your emails and open the links in them. The more people who click on the links, the higher your conversion rate will be. The number of recipients who actually took the desired action/ total number of emails delivered, multiplied by 100.

Bounce rate –
When you see “your email has bounced”, it means that your email never got to your intended recipient.
Firstly, figure out how many bounced emails you have received. After dividing the total by the number of emails you have sent, multiply it by hundreds. That is your bounce rate. You may also want to improve your bounce rate.

You can manage bounces and ensure that your email gets the desired response.

Q. How do I prevent people from unsubscribing to my email list?

A. If the subject line of your emails is irrelevant, customers will repeatedly ignore it. But if this pattern is repeated again and again, they will get annoyed and unsubscribe from your emails.

Send relevant emails that benefit your customers. Don’t focus only on sending sales or offers to customers. Keep in touch with them. Send information about your company and your offerings to the customers so that they feel welcome and they feel comfortable. If you wish, you can tell them about the latest facts in your industry.

It is very important to first connect with your customers through emails and then leverage this tool to the maximum.

Connect with our team if you have more questions or need help with your marketing. We will be happy to help.

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