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Content Syndication, Retargeting, Lead Generation & Authority Funnels


Syndication is the process of re-publishing content that you own on other websites. It allows other websites to display your content on their social networks. It enables you to reach a wider audience and get more people to visit your site.

Content syndication can make the difference for your SEO because re-publishing your content on other websites will bring your products and services to the attention of new audiences. It will generate leads on auto-pilot!

When you publish content syndicated to other websites, people will find that you are more visible and visit your site. It is a powerful way to boost your marketing.

We offer done-for-you services or we can build your own system and give you a training how to use it.

Your content will be linking back on major keywords to your most important web pages which will have a dramatic impact on your ranking. For most of our clients, we achieved a top ranking position and often a number one position in your niche on Google.

Note that a page one position is always there, where advertising only works as long as you pay for it and you have to ‘wait your turn’ together with your competition.


Content Syndication for small and middle sized companies.


Improves SEO performance dramaticly


Cost effective


Helps to boost brand awareness


Inbound Sales Leads Aan Te Trekken


Content Syndication on your own network

Sometimes it is hard or even impossible to find your target prospect. In that case, it would be a good idea to let them find you. Re-using your content or content syndication could be the solution.

LinLeads makes it easy to do syndication. We can host content strategically on more than 1200 websites. We can also set up a powerful personal network just for your business that will bring your keyword to the top for many years to come.

Step 1

Optimize focus pages website 

We will make sure that the search engines see your focus pages with your focus keywords as relevant. We will check them, if necessary create them, and optimise your on page SEO.

Step 2

Find high ranking domains for re-publising your content

We will find domain names in your niche, relevant, with an excellent reputation and high page authority.

Step 3

Building satellite websites & managing them

We will create appealing blogs and websites and monitor and maintain them for you.

Step 4

Develop specific content plans

We will develop content plans based on your content, and re-write or write content SEO optimized for your focus keywords.

Step 5

Create and broadcast content for the satellite websites

Different content will be placed on the satellite websites with links to your focus keyword pages.

Why are PBN networks so powerfull for your Google ranking?


We use expired domains in your niche that have an excellent reputation and a high page authority on Google.


PBN allows you full control over the backlinks. You can add or change links whenever you want.


Google continuously changes the algorithm. Having control over your backlinks gives you a major advantage.


With TrustRank google gives weight to your website. Increasing this will give you a top-ranking position.

Een LinkedIn Marketingstrategie Door Experts

Terwijl sociale media-platforms zoals Instagram leuk zijn om mee te spelen, moet LinkedIn worden gezien als professioneel netwerk voor experts en bron van professionele content.

Dit is de plek waar bedrijfseigenaren, ondernemers, solopreneurs, leidinggevenden en besluitvormers (naar schatting 45 miljoen van hen) hun vrije tijd doorbrengen – en ze zijn op zoek naar content die hen helpt hun manier van werken te verbeteren.

Wanneer je je realiseerd dat de LinkedIn-feed 9 miljard vertoningen per week laat zien, is het tijd om je marketingstrategie daarop aan te passen.

Laten we het spel spelen van de grote jongens! LinLeads kan jouw LinkedIn-advertenties maximaliseren om die belangrijke B2B-klanten te veroveren!


Determine your focus keywords to structure the Content Syndication campaigns

Focus Pages:

Building focus pages on your website


Re-write Content
Rewrite relevant content together with fresh images and videos when available.


Publish in our network of media


Step 1. Pre-Training


Informatief Interview

We zullen je vragen stellen over je business, de producten en diensten die je aanbiedt, je ideale target audience, je huidige LinkedIn gebruik en kennis niveau en de doelstellingen voor de LinkedIn training.


Deelnemers Questionnaire

Ieder persoon zit op een ander niveau wanneer het gaat over hun kennis en gebruik van LinkdeIn. Onze Deelnemers Questionnaire helpt ons inzage te krijgen met wie we gaan werken gedurende de training.



We zullen een marktonderzoek uitvoeren naar uw branche zodat de voorbeelden die we in de training gebruiken relevant zijn en afgestemt op de situatie van jouw business..


FAQ: On Content Syndication

Q. What is content syndication?

A. Content syndication is a central element of modern growth marketing.
Syndicating content means re-publishing the same article, video, infographic or other piece of content on different websites.
And publishing it on several different websites. Content syndication helps to provide useful information to your target audience.

Q. Is content syndication a new marketing strategy?

A. Syndication of content is not a new concept. Before the internet, newspapers, and magazines with large circulations, often printed syndicated content provided. Both media organizations and content creators benefit from syndicating their content. Small companies can reach a wider audience and reach a larger audience. A great way to attract more clients without having to spend much money to create content.

Q. Can I only syndicate blogs and articles?

A. We have the tools to create and publish extensively in a variety of formats in addition to blogs and articles:

  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Infographics

Recycling is all the rage right now. Why not recycle your content?

Q. What are the benefits of content syndication?

A. If done well, content syndication will promote your content online, driving traffic to your website, and turning some visitors into clients.  65% of B2B marketers agree that content syndication is a key lead generation tactic.
When we syndicate your content we will look for sites with high authority in Google ranking and link the article back to your site. This will have a major impact on creating a top-ranking position for your website.



Q. For what purpose should I use content syndication?

A. Content syndication is a growth marketing strategy for many goals.
The goals we think of first are:

  • a growing base of clients
  • a better ROI on your content investments
  • a better customer experience
  • a bigger audience
  • a higher quality audience
  • a top-ranking position in Google

Here is where content syndication becomes effective, just like performance marketing.



Q. Are you using exactly the same content for syndication?

A. There are several different ways that different websites or social media platforms can help you syndicate content. If you want to syndicate content, there are several different approaches that you can take.

You can choose to:

  • Rewrite the article, or a subset of it, so that it has as much value to syndicators as possible.
  • Edit the text to make it as short as possible.
  • Add a link to the original post that you created, and a short excerpt of the original post.

Credit should always go to the original publication that created the content.

It is important to avoid content syndication to cause havoc for your SEO. This way we will avoid that to happen.




Q. Which businesses can benefit from content syndication?

A. Sometimes B2B companies have fantastic content but no one reads it.

Most businesses will benefit from content syndication. It will increase their traffic and give higher results in the Google ranking. 

B2B companies that already create useful and thought-provoking content will enjoy the fastest the most benefits from content syndication and have a good change of a top-ranking or even number one position in Google ranking

If there is no content available our text writers will be happy to write compelling content for your business.


Q. How can I start my first Content Syndication campaign??

A. Make an appointment here to plan an online meeting, in which we clarify your goals and start ranking your website to a top ranking position on Google and get you more clients!

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