8 smart Linkedin Sales Navigator Tips For Better Sales

8 smart Linkedin Sales Navigator Tips For Better Sales


One of the main advantages of using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator  for lead generation is being able to search for leads in the advanced search using boolean words. Even if the words boolean mean nothing to you, it just means that you are using logic to find leads. Advanced search gives you a lot of useful features that are not available in the free version of LinkedIn. You can search by country, zip code, industry, job title, company, number of employees and even groups of people that you want to contact.

Look forward to receiving new leads every week.

You will receive many leads when you save your searches. Many people recommend that you do this after performing some advanced searches. This is very useful as you will get new leads every week if you optimize your search options. This is a huge time saver because every week you will receive new leads that you can use to start a conversation with them. You can have many different lead lists saved in the system. You should be able to receive 5-10 new leads each week.

See who has been active in the last 30 days.

People who post regular updates on LinkedIn are better to follow as they are very regular. Using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can see which prospects have been active in the last 30 days. If someone is actively posting messages or changing jobs recently, it will be very helpful for you to check and see if someone has been observing your profile for a while. If you take a moment to think about this, knowing the type of information someone might be looking for is very valuable. This type of information is invaluable when building your profile of a potential customer.

Suggested lead-based prospects.

The convenience of having suggested leads sent to you by LinkedIn. There are more options available to you for each individual lead that you search for. For example, you can select from different categories of leads that you receive. Some of the most useful features are related leads and access to connections that you have shared with others. You can view similar leads to those that are considered leads from the same company or who have similar interests. Some leads that you might want to keep are great for your company. They are likely a good fit for your company and would make an excellent customer. 


Lead based prospects are great to have

If you’ve never used LinkedIn Sales Navigator before, you may not know that a prospect sees things differently from how their profile views them. What you need to do is completely different than when you approach someone just for a business meeting.
Access important news from potential customers and connections.

Important announcements from clients and other business associates

This feature of LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to keep up to date with people you want to talk to. You will notice that as you save leads and new accounts, you will hear about the latest news that a particular account is receiving. If you have a saved account, you will see a tab in the right sidebar that shows you recent news and insights about the company or account. You will be able to get a good insight into the businesses that your customers are doing and how your competitors are doing.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Notification

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Notifications is another valuable feature of LinkedIn Sales Navigator that helps you to keep in touch with leads and prospects. In combination with the new news and insights, you get important notifications. When you save a lead or an account, it is as though you are receiving email notifications from LinkedIn. The notifications that you receive are divided into different categories based on the business category of the person you are contacting.

Advanced filters for specific types of users.

After you search in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you will be able to further segment the results. Search the account with advanced filters. These advanced filters are located on the left side of your screen. This allows you to go ahead and be very specific about the leads that you find.

More tips on how to use Sales Navigator in your business?
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LinLeads gives your sales team a head start

LinkedIn gives your sales team a head start when it comes to meeting new customers. LinkedIn Sales Navigator will give you and your team some really important opportunities to work with your competitors that still work with old information. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you and your sales team understand your customers’ pain points and provide them with the right solutions to their challenges. It may seem like a waste of money to spend money on marketing items like buying company logos or buying calendars and hiring people to manage that data — but it really is time to now consider adding LinkedIn to your sales and marketing strategy.

You have all the information you need, but now is the time to take action. Make an appointment to talk about how I can help you and your team be equipped with this great tool as efficiently as possible and give them a competitive edge.

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